"My place was unbearably hot in summer and my wife and myself found it difficult and, at times, impossible to work effectively. I was initially sceptical about Ceratech. The idea that a coat of 'paint' could solve the problem seemed absurd and the solution to our troubles too simple to believe. But desperation drove me and over two days I personally painted it on.

The following day the temperature went up to 37 degrees in the shade - Cape Town can do that. Quite a test. At midday I felt the ceiling in the kitchen and it was cool. I was astounded - it's only a few centimetres from the roof and no heat was getting through!

Needless to say summer is no longer a threat to our working lives and we have shelved plans to install expensive air conditioning. The beauty is that Ceratech is a once-off solution. Unlike an air conditioner, you don't have to keep paying the bills. It's a real saving - and environmentally the right thing to do. So thanks for a great product!"

Don Pinnock
Editor, Getaway Magazine

We wish to place on record our experience with CERATECH Thermal Barrier Coatings for roofs.

Our school is situated on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain in Somerset West. Despite our proximity to the sea, external ambient temperatures during the summer months can sometimes easily exceed 40 degrees Celcius. Even when in the lower 30 degrees, the temperature inside the classrooms far exceeds comfortable levels. our learners on these days become listless and struggle to focus.

The cost of installing and running sufficient air-conditioning to reduce the internal ambient temperatures to acceptable comfort levels was simply out of reach of our budget. Fortunately we were introduced to CERATECH. the manufacturers convinced us that by simply re-painting our roofs with their product, we would enjoy a comfortable environment regardless of the external temperature.

Despite our initial scepticism, we proceeded with the work, which was completed in 2006. We are pleased to report that thus far we have enjoyed four summers where the classroom temperatures are comfortable enough and teaching can proceed without interruption.

WM Sparrow
Principal,Helderberg Primary School
15 September 2010

Small ceramic spheres in the coating prevent the sun's rays and heat from getting through.
Instead the rays are bounced harmlessly back into the atmosphere.


The ceramic sphere was pioneered by NASA.

  Reduces interior heat of buildings by up to 45%
  Save electricity by using less aircon and refrigeration
  Greater indoor comfort during hot weather
  Stops thermal ageing by reducing heat load
  Insulates your roof at a fraction of the cost
  Prevents rust, eliminates blistering, peeling & cracking
  Eco-friendly as it reduces dependence on electricity
  Easy and quick low-cost application


Ceratech is a unique coating which combines the highly effective insulation properties of ceramics with a premium quality acrylic resin to produce an easily applied system to insulate the surface to which it is applied. Ceratech is a cost effective alternative to expensive under-roof insulation systems (eg. polystyrene). By using Ceratech the added value of having a very effective insulation coating incorporated into the finish will pay for itself through savings in aircon costs.

Ceratech is applied at 500 µm (normal roof paint is applied at ± 180)
When used as a roof coating there is an immediate reduction in the inside temperature compared to the temperature outside. When painted onto exterior walls, there is a further increase in the ability of the building to resist heat.

Healthy for you, healthy for the environment

This is a low cost, healthier alternative to air conditioning. Excessive use of aircon causes dry nasal passages and throat which makes you susceptible to colds and flu.

Go green by saving electricty with less use of aircon and refrigeration. Fridges don't need to work as hard to stay cool. Reduce your dependence on Eskom's power grid.


Ceratech coatings entered the South African market via Namibia in the middle 80's after experiencing huge success in Namibia with its very hot climate. A South African franchise was started in Somerset West which rapidly grew so big that bigger premises were found and opened at airport industria, Cape Town.

Franchises were set up in 16 areas and Ceratech took off as customers quickly realised the usefulness and efficiency of the product. Through vigorous advertising and marketing Ceratech quickly made its mark as the only liquid ceramic heat barrier coating. Well known clients (Spoornet, SAB, Distell Eskom) all realized Ceratech's potential as a quick fix solution to Africa's tremendous heat problem.

Andre Ferreira purchased the company and now owns the intellectual property rights and trademark.

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